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Burger Grill / BG

Rebranding project 
Year: 2021

Award-winning work atBest Designs- Design Rush Awards 2023 

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Burger Grill is a delivery of grilled hamburgers like barbecue, the central idea of the business is to produce a burger with simple production but with good ingredients and unparalleled flavor.

For this brand, we created a reduction of the original name, creating a "nickname" for consumers and generating even more connection with the target audience. The main objective of the whole project was to represent the bold, simple and objective soul of Bg.

Aplicação principal

Every logo and its elements were designed exclusively for brands in order to bring the desired characteristics in a unique way, bringing differentiation from competitors.

Cupons e hambúrguer
Fotografia - Hamburguers BG

The color palette has red as the main color, alluding to the heat, fire and embers so present in the day-to-day of this brand, followed by complementary colors.

I approached Kangoo to do the Burger Grill rebranding project as they had successfully worked on the branding of another company and I had found their work very interesting.

In the Burger Grill project, we were looking for standardization of business communication, through a new visual identity, the use of our own typography and a well-defined color palette, to stand out from the competition.

The result was very good, the new visual identity transformed Burger Grill into BG and together with the exclusive typography made by kangoo specifically for us, it gave the brand an air of modernity and with that BG stood out on the internet, which was the objective of the project.

Lucas Nogueira, founding partner of Burger Grill.

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