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Projects: rebranding, including repositioning, visual identity redesign, institutional material and website.

Year: 2022

Sinalização da loja - Carnves

Quadrattor is a square industry with more than a decade in the market located in Mogi das Cruzes -SP. The main challenge facing the business was to differentiate itself in the market, to reach higher tickets and its ideal customer.


 Through a rebranding project, we helped them define their differentials in the market, taking into account the most relevant characteristics of this brand's identity, including its empathetic, reliable and highly _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ technique.

Papelaria - Carvens
Bucket Hat Carvens
Embalagens de produtos de Skin Care - Carvens
Poster Carvens
Gift Card - Carvens
Design de etiqueta - Carvens
Logotipo Carvens
Tagline Carvens
Símbolo Carvens
Logotipo e Tagline Carvens
Home Page - Carvens
Etiqueta Carvens
Etiqueta Carvens
Poster Carvens
Etiqueta Carvens

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Perfume Carvens
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