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victor raises

Projects: naming, brand strategy, visual identity.

Year: 2021 - 2022

Identidade visual I Victor Eleva I Treinador

Victor is a physical trainer specializing in biomechanics, focused on quality of life and long-term benefits.

For your brand, we created a premise that translates your identity: to raise the quality of life of your students through a transforming exercise routine.

Based on these precepts, we defined a new name for the personal brand, including eleva as a last name, the same name as its main product, also named by us, eleva workouts.

The logo and its developments represent an object in continuous movement with Victor as the vector that drives this movement, represented by the initial of his own name.

Identidade visual I Victor Eleva I Treinador
Identidade visual I Victor Eleva I Treinador
Identidade visual I Victor Eleva I Treinador

I went to Kangoo to make my mark, I saw the result of a  project that a friend did, I really liked it.


I saw that it is a differentiated company. I wanted my visual identity to be something different from others in my area.


As soon as Paula did the briefing, it opened my horizons for a product that I didn't even know was looking for “elevation”, and that made perfect sense.


The result was fantastic, it delivered more than expected, my customers see the brand as something transformative, as they always say  “ raising the quality of life”.

Victor Hugo Eleva, owner of the brand.

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