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Horizon Coffee Roasters

Projects: naming, brand strategy, visual identity, pack design, website.

Year: 2020/2021

Cartão de visitas - Horizon

Horizon is a specialty coffee brand with distribution in Brazil, Angola, England and other countries, in this project we created the new brand name, all positioning, visual identity and e-commerce.

Every brand narrative follows the precept of discovering new horizons through coffee, following the brand strategy defined after market research and analysis of the briefing, we realized that this storytelling would be ideal both to attract the public (generally passionate about travel and discovering new places ) and to represent the identity of the brand.

Naming, logo, visual identity and communication also reflect the birthplace of Horizon (Castelo-RJ), a place taken by mountains and green landscapes.

Three different illustrations were created for each type of coffee, also thinking about the highlight and identification that these images can generate on supermarket and commercial shelves.

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