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Leticia Villa.

Projects: brand strategy, naming, visual identity.

Year: 2019


Letícia Vilarinho is an architect with an office located in Campos - RJ.

Every project develops from the idea of attention to the smallest details, surrounded by an intimate and personal aura generated by the brand's personality: meticulous, careful, emotionally responsible, mature, subtle and determined.

To make these aspects tangible, we used a symbol present in history for many years, the asterisk, combined with an abbreviation of what is most personal: the name. We also drew your lettermark letter by letter creating a unique identification for your name, which was strategically abbreviated during the project, facilitating searches and domain creation.


The color palette consists of base colors, main colors and complementary colors. The chosen palette represents the most emotional and subtle part of the brand, using colors with little saturation.

The entire graphic brand had its developments foreseen in different dimensions and combinations, see more images below:

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-24 at 15.06.09.jpeg

At the beginning, when I looked for Kangoo, I didn't really have in mind the dimension that my business was going to take, Paula had a great sensitivity to capture my essence in me and knew how to read exactly what I wanted.

They also created a symbol that was something I wanted, one that our customers recognize. It represents me so much that I carry this logo everywhere, I have a tattoo of this symbol and it is all over my office.

Today I keep thinking, trying to understand, how Paula managed to create a brand that I see representing myself in 10, 15 years.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work and for creating this brand that means so much to us.

Letícia Villarinho, architect and owner of the Letícia Villa office.

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